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Cooking and Wine Classes

GOOD BYE BOOK CLUBS, hello Cooking Clubs! Join us in our restaurant while we stir up a whole new way to socialize. Watch as our talented Culinary Team prepares your meal in an interactive Learning Environment and gives you tips about how to cook special dishes.3 hour hands on demonstration includes all food/beverage..

2015 Cooking and Wine Classes – Taste, See and Experience Café Merlot!

$69.00 each

To sign up for a class, please call Toni at 858-592-7785.

Private Classes and Children's Cooking and Gardening Classes are created for 20 or more by reservation - Call Toni for details

Unless noted, all classes are scheduled from 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

ADVANCED STUDENTS - Coming February 19th, 24th and March 3rd
- NEW Cooking School
- 9 hour hands on La technique classes Feb 19th, 24th and March 3rd
- Purchase and complete ALL three advanced classes and receive a cook's shirt and a chance to win a culinary knife set with case
SAT's DATES - February 28th, April 4th, May 9th, June 6th, August 1st, October 17th
- 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
- The New Age Cook: Self-Healing and Immunity Boosting Foods
- Aromatherapy, botanicals and gifts from your kitchen/ garden
- First 25 students receive culinary grade essential oil as gift!
Thursday, February 12th: Romantic Winter Dinners
- Comfort food
- Cooking for your loved ones
- Celebrating Southern California Vintner's wine
- Date night
Tuesday, February 17th: Elegant Rustic and Retro Meals
- Meals that comfort and satisfy
- Signature drinks and Cabernets
BACK BY DEMAND! – Cooking 101 School
February 19th, 24th and March 3rd
- Culinary development that involves a careful and detailed examination of modern and classic culinary techniques
- Our emphasis is on the introduction and entry level culinary skill development, product and equipment identification and their uses
- The understanding of TASTE, and how to build and create a menu.
- Complete all three advanced classes and receive a cook's shirt and a chance to win a Chef Knifes set with case.
Thursday, March 12th: Off the Hook - FULL
- Seafood cooked with local flavors
- Bernardo Winery whites and sparkling wines
Tuesday, March 17th: Breaking the Mold
- Fast easy recipes "making" and utilizing GREAT cheese
- Buttery and soft Chardonnays
Tuesday, March 31st: Super-Fast Italian Family Meals - FULL
- Old World dry red wines from Southern California
Tuesday, April 14th: Half-Baked Desserts
- You are half crazed for chocolate
- Let us take you on a fun culinary journey with some variety
- Easy sipping reds and sparkling wines
Thursday, April 23rd: BEST FOOD City Recipes - FULL
- Be your own food critic as you travel on a culinary adventure
- Bernardo Winery reds and local brews
Tuesday, May 5th: Fresh off the Vine - Spring's Best Produce - FULL
- Savor the season
- Grassy Sauvignon Blancs; Earthy Petite Syrah's
Thursday, May 21st: Romantic Roman and Italian Dinners - FULL
- White table cloth meals at red checkered table cloth prices
- Robust red wines
Tuesday, June 2nd: True Food: Vegetarian/Vegan
- Harmony thru food/earthy teas/healing oils
- Learn your body type and what make us hungry (QUIZ)
- Elixirs
- Organic wines and sour beers
Tuesday, June 9th: BBQ's, Mops and Rubs - FULL
- Also introducing brines and marinades
- Robust red wines
- New Sangria Blanca
Thursday, June 11th: Slow Food San Diego presents: Mint Tea and Minarets: A Banquet of Moroccan Memories
- A cooking class with Kitty Morse (meet the author- autographed books available)
- Mint tea and fine wines to complete the evening
- Slow Food members - $20 (membership available at check-in)
- Non Slow Food members - $69
Tuesday, June 23rd: Garden Fresh Growing and Easy Edible Garden Recipes
- Mocktails and shrubs (signature vinegar beverages)
Thursday, July 2nd: Timeless cabin/campfire meals and picnic foods that travel well and feed active hungry families - FULL
- Wines uncorked (great box wine) and summer beers
Tuesday, July 14th: Urban Farm Projects - FULL
- Food from our back yard to your table
- Earthy white wines and red blends
- Life is worth living OUTSIDE!
Friday, July 17th: Farmers Market Finds – 9:30 am
- Bed and breakfast recipes
- Mimosas and front porch drinks
Tuesday, August 4th: Slice of Summer - FULL
- Fresh recipes from our micro and hobby farms
- Fresh fruit sangrias and light refreshing white wines
Tuesday, August 11th: Appetizers/Tapas and Tango - FULL
- Making sweet music to ones ears while creating fun and satisfying entertaining menus and recipes
- Sangrias
- Wine Margaritas!
Tuesday, August 18th: Half the Calorie Main Dishes - FULL
- Fresh flavors not short on taste
- White wines from local vines
Tuesday, September 1st: Outdoor Entertaining Made Easy - FULL
- Recipes that can be prepared ahead and go well at concerts, sporting events, picnics and sleepovers (adult sleepovers)
- Rose's, Pinot Grigio
Tuesday, September 29th: Romantic Late Summer Lunches and Dinners - FULL
- Edible flowers
- Fresh herbs enhancing all FIVE senses
- Mocktails and crisp warm weather wines
Thursday, October 15th: Pastas, Pizzas and Fresh Herb Sauces - FULL
- From our micro-farm
- Tasty reds and rose wines
Tuesday, October 20th: YIN/YANG of Desserts
- White chocolate/dark chocolate desserts
- Entertaining wines, Ruby Ports
Tuesday, October 27th: Holiday Survival Kit - Thanksgiving and All of Your Holidays - FULL
- Amazing birds
- Brilliant sauces
- Roasted root garden veggies
- Buttery and oaky Chardonnays
Thursday, November 5th: Super FOODS - FULL
- Boost your health
- Food that comforts
- Good, clean foods
- Teas and warm red wine
Tuesday, November 17th: Weekday Night's Best Recipes
- Local wines from Bernardo Winery and Southern California Vintners
Tuesday, December 1st: Delicious Stews, Savory Pies and Meals for a Crowd
- Velvety Merlots and robust Cabernets
TBD 9a.m. - Kids in the Kitchen Playdates
- Easy entertaining ideas for entertaining that includes the kids and menus for ages 8-12
TBD Friday 9a.m. - Kids in the Kitchen Playdates
- Ages 3-5 years old SAME AS ABOVE

Please call 858-592-7785 to sign up for a class.

  • Farmers Market Finds and easy preparation
  • Preparing Finger Foods that are easy and fun
  • Buffet Displays that work
    • Basic Equipment and Serving Suggestions
  • Overview of Theme Parties
  • Special Occasion Recipes and Timelines
  • Edible Art - Gifts from your Kitchen
  • Men in the Kitchen
  • Women and Wine
  • Wine Pairing Menus with White Wine
  • Wine Pairing with Red Wine




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