Heart of a farm, soul of a kitchen: slowing down to appreciate fresh food and togetherness


As the holiday season swings into full gear, it can be easy to get caught up in the rush – and to shop, plan, prepare and travel our way through the month without ever once sitting down to truly enjoy the warmth and delight that defines this magical time of year. Hurrying from the office to the mall to the food court, we lose touch with togetherness…and forget to stop and give thanks for our everyday bounty. This year, consider carving out some time in your frantic schedule to create an oasis from the speed of everyday life; and resolve to ring in the New Year with a commitment to reconnect with family, friends and the food that nourishes us all over thoughtfully prepared, locally grown meals.

To most of us, dining out is synonymous with excess: sugary treats, fatty dishes and other indulgences, often purchased in a hurry and devoured with speedy relish. But especially in tough economic times, eating out should be something special – and for that matter, something so much more than an exercise in quantity or decadence. Done well, and with intention, restaurant dining can be a chance to slow down — to focus on where food comes from, who touches it as it is transformed into delicious, nutrient-rich dishes, and how it makes us feel. And at this time of year, holiday dining can be a golden opportunity to indulge the senses, yes – but in a manner that enriches the soul and fortifies the body through careful and conscious preparation and atmosphere. At Café Merlot, this is precisely the environment we strive to create for our guests: and by blending our use of fresh, local produce from our micro-farm with a commitment to serving the best in elegant yet casual cuisine, we hope to inspire a genuine appreciation for the source and process of great food in our valued friends and patrons.

Reconnect and rejuvenate with fresh meals and Holiday Nights in San Diego’s historic wine country

Complete with a neighboring winery, miniature farm, charmingly rustic ambiance and warm, inviting atmosphere, Café Merlot is the ideal spot to gather together this holiday season and throughout the year for an unforgettable meal among friends. This year, we are pleased to announce Holiday Nights at the café, December 15th -18th, featuring extended dinner hours, caroling, crafters and late-night shopping opportunities. Join us for one of our exclusive dinner seatings and indulge your taste buds with freshly prepared, festive creations from our celebrated chefs. Alternatively, consider choosing Café Merlot for your corporate and private catering needs throughout the holiday party season: we’ll bring our “Fresh Café” direct from our kitchen to your door.

Whether you come to us, or we come to you, we at Café Merlot can guarantee an experience that will leave you not only satisfied, but also confident in your decision to trust us with the preparation and presentation of a truly great meal. To RSVP for Holiday Nights, or learn more about catering and event hosting opportunities at the café, visit us online: www.cafemerlot.com.