Women, food, health and happiness: rejuvenating the spirit with the best food for your body


Women’s health has been a hot topic in the news lately; but in the midst of a political melee, even the most ardent defenders of the female body are apt to lose touch with their own physical well-being from time to time. A return to authentic wellness can help women rejuvenate from the inside out: and one of the best ways to get in touch with your inner rhythm is to reconnect with the earth and seek out the best food for your body in the form of natural, nourishing, seasonal and delectable cuisine.

Spring is a season of rebirth, reawakening, vibrancy and life; and for women, it is also an ideal time to reconnect the body and psyche through conscious rest, joyous activity, good company and great food. Many women spend an exorbitant amount of time worrying about their relationship with food – when in fact, the best defense against unhealthy habits, weight gain, stress eating and resultant mood swings is a balanced diet based on each woman’s individual needs and the unique rhythms of her body. According to Women’s Health magazine, delicious and nourishing natural foods like almonds, pistachios, avocados, salmon, citrus fruits, spinach and milk can beat back stress, provide vital nutrients for improved cardiovascular and immune health, soothe PMS and even satisfy cravings. Meanwhile, locavores insist that eating in tune with the seasons helps women – and everyone, for that matter – glean the greatest benefit and flavor from their food – and subsequently, the greatest joy and nourishment as well.

At Café Merlot, where the food is always fresh and frequently sourced from our own on-site micro-garden, where the wine flows from our neighbors at the historic Bernardo Winery, we believe in making mealtimes sacred – for friends, family or even solo sustenance and sensual enjoyment. Celebrate spring at the Café with the bounty of the season, artfully prepared and lovingly served by our experienced chefs in a charmingly, rustic setting alongside our beautiful grounds. Or, if you want to get in touch with the food on your plate, consider signing up for one of our signature Café Merlot cooking classes including food, wine, supplies, fun times and expert instruction. Choose from upcoming themes like Kitchen Comfort & Culinary Therapy and Farm to Feast (featuring organic wines!).

Come for the food; and stay for the great company and enduring friendships forged at Café Merlot’s renowned Rancho Bernardo restaurant. Learn more, peruse a menu or sign up for a cooking class today – and take an active role in making this your most vibrant, healthy and delicious year yet!