Café Merlot Offers Discounted Cooking Classes In April

Café Merlot in the News

by Annie Lane

Café owner Toni Kraft says her happiest cooking memories are those involving her grandmothers.

As the owner of Café Merlot in the Bernardo Winery for the past four years, it’s no surprise that some of Toni Kraft’s best memories involve food—and her grandmothers.

“My favorite memory is that of my Nana-I have two favorites,” said Kraft. “We planted fava beans and picked them and had a feast when I was 8.”

She continued: “(The) second is with my Grandma that worked with culinary medicine. We would knock on doors with herbs and poultices to remedy the neighbors (for things like) cysts, colds, bad pregnancies.”

It’s in keeping with that back-to-earth upbringing that Kraft offers cooking classes at Café Merlot, which are taught by her or Executive Chef Joe. Kraft says those interested can expect to learn about the social aspect of cooking as well technique.

“Our classes are La Technique in style, and that differs from other classes since they are all hands-on and we work with our students to create meals,” Kraft said. “We do not just lecture and sell kitchen gadgets.”

Each class costs $50 per person, but Kraft is offering a buy-one-get-one-free discount during the month of April. Classes run from 5:30-8:30pm on various Tuesdays. For more information, call 858-592-7785.