Two’s company: bringing chefs together over locally grown food in San Diego

By Toni Kraft

Today’s celebrity-driven culture often reinforces the image of a single chef behind the success of every great restaurant or hit cooking show. But in fact, the union of two chefs working together – one to take the administrative lead, the other to lend creative inspiration – is not only common practice but also the key to many signature dishes and renowned kitchens. At Café Merlot, our two chefs work together to showcase locally grown food in San Diego. By blending technical expertise and innovative panache, this “chef marriage” creates a perfect equilibrium in the kitchen – and some of the best California cuisine in the city.

Cooking is at once an art and a science, a regimented discipline and a wild adventure. Imagine the kitchen like a body: it needs both the artistic impulses of the right brain and the analytical precision of the left to reach its full potential. Regardless of his or her talent and training, any single chef is apt to lean to one side from time to time. But with two chefs, there is a unique opportunity to marry differing techniques and skills

At Café Merlot, our two Chefs de Cuisines tackles the delicious challenge of crafting flavorful, distinctive, fresh and accessible dishes from locally grown California ingredients – many of which come directly from our on-site microfarm. Together, they share their differing perspectives on food and flavors to infuse our menu with Mediterranean accents and comfort food favorites. The end result is a seamless blend tailor made for our North County winery restaurant. Curious? Then join us for a meal, a cooking class or a special event and experience the gourmet alchemy for yourself!

Eat local and expand your culinary horizons at Café Merlot

There is always something happening at Café Merlot – and that means our valued visitors have countless opportunities to see (and taste!) a great chef marriage in action. This summer, we have a number of cooking classes coming up to awaken the senses and inspire your own inner chef. Check out our Grilling, BBQ, Marinades, Rubs & Mops class on July 24, or the Season’s Best Seafood on August 14. If you prefer a more leisurely taste from our kitchen, consider attending demonstration or simply pulling up a chair for a meal. To learn more about our chefs, our menu and our stunning North County winery restaurant location, visit us online today: