The Krafted Palette Cookbook


Tastemaker Toni Kraft, alongside the hundreds of hours of her Cooking Class Students designed a Cookbook/Coloring Book – Available now.  $15.99

Contact Toni at 858-243-1046.

The Krafted Palette, A Colorful Journal of Delicious Meals, is a classic recipe book with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions inspired by Toni Kraft’s cooking classes. Chosen from her successful life as a Taste Master and restauranteur, the cookbook’s whimsical design takes the home chef and cook (both novice and experienced) on a colorful journey through the world of her delicious, award winning recipes from Café Merlot. Sure to tantalize taste buds while at the same time nurturing the body, The Krafted Palette puts the idea of fun back into meal preparation. Told around storytelling, this cookbook/coloring tome will wrap itself around your heart and bring family members back to the table again!

Praise for The Krafted Palette

“The meals I’ve eaten made from Toni’s recipes are delicious, unique and down to earth wonderful!!
So excited I now will be able make them in my own kitchen. I can’t wait for her to write a Pet Lover’s Cookbook!”

Debbie Mendoza
Half-Corked Candles

Well it’s about time! I have worked with and more importantly have been friends with Toni for 20 years and have always been amazed with her culinary common sense and practicality. For her to finally organize those years of experience and share it with all of us is terrific. Again….finally!!!

Jim Kallas, Division President Eurest Dining
Chairman Illinois Restaurant Association
Les Amis D’ Escoffier

“I loved the variety of recipes in The Krafted Palette and the whimsical nature of the illustrations. The recipes are easy to follow and the ones I have made are mouthwatering delicious! Cooking meals is my personal form of art and over the years I have owned many cookbooks. I love that the author made the book so very personal, with room for notes and pages to color! In some ways it feels I will be leaving behind love letters to my family for generations to come!”

Janet D.
Boise, Idaho

“Reading Toni’s cookbook makes me want to cook, color, light candles, and drink fine wine with friends and family. Her recipes are creative, easy to follow, and inspirational. I especially like her “Krafted Chef Notes” full of definitions, helpful hints, safety tips, and her own personal touches. The whimsical ready-to-color artwork is also a clever addition and makes this a perfect gift when paired with colored pencils and a sprig of fresh rosemary!”

Chris C.
Poway, CA